An introduction of sorts

Hello new friends!
We’ve all had moments of grandiose snark. Some of us revel in it, and some of us regret it, but ALL of us have experienced it at some point or another. What happens when we dish it? How do we feel when we fall victim to it? What are we even talking about?

We’re talking about CATaloguing (seewhatididthere?) the cattiness we exude, and the cattiness we experience from others. The goal is one of self-discovery. What makes us catty? How can we empower ourselves and each other by eliminating that behavior in ourselves?

How can we possibly deal with venomous remarks made by our family, friends, coworkers, and that bitch down the street that muttered about the size of our butts when she thought we couldn’t’ hear?

It starts with all of us, and the first step is putting ourselves in check. Let us help you. is an open and anonymous forum/advice column geared toward providing you with unbiased third-party feedback. You can ask us if you’re being catty or if your concerns are legitimate. One of our authors will honestly let you know if you’re getting bent out of sorts over something. If we determine you were in the wrong, the cattiness in us will love to tell you that, too – and try to assist you in resolving the situation peacefully.

Who are we and how are we remotely qualified to help you?  We’re women, just like you. We are wives and singles, mothers and free-spirits, professionals in varying fields and have all experienced rude, mean, catty remarks. We’ve all made them, too.

So read, contribute, and grow with us. It’s easy. Simply email us at, or submit a question on Facebook ( or Twitter (! We promise that while we may not always be perfect, we’ll always be sincere.

The Team


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