Celebrawl: Even K-Stew isn’t immune.

I am guilty, as are millions of people, of perusing celebrity sites for the newest on goings of my entertainment world.  While gallivanting in the World Wide Web I happened upon a story on Yahoo’s OMG website that showed how blurred our lines of personal lives have become.

I was surprised to see a fan rubbing Kristen Stewart’s nose in her past mistakes.  Bad kitty.  Yes she cheated on your beloved ‘Rob’ but he forgave her.  None of us would like an out of the blue reminder of our heartbreak while we are still nursing the wounds.


Where celebrities are concerned we tend to be far more generous with our ‘cattiness’ and lose sight of the fact that they are people too.  They aren’t just characters we welcome into our homes via our televisions and computers (not to mention the ‘blow by blows’ they give to us on Instagram and Twitter).  Maybe it feels safe to attack them in this digital age because if they respond hastily they will be blasted on the internet for being rude to their fans or fans of other celebrities.

Next time you see K-Stew (or any other celeb, for that matter) making a bad decision or mistreating someone else, take a stepback  and remember that we are talking about a real person here.  A real person with a life that isn’t just about her latest movie or television show.  Give her friends and family the chance to bring her back to reality.

Rein it in kitties or I’m gonna have to grab the spray bottle.

Carrie (aka Ninjakitty)


One response to “Celebrawl: Even K-Stew isn’t immune.

  1. I feel bad that her car is that dirty …

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