What Not to Wear

I have a catty confession: I judge what you wear.

I’m a reluctant baseball mom in the sense that I don’t go all out to support my son’s team. I don’t do the glitter signs or have coordinated chants. I do have the visor and tank top. I don’t do the bedazzled tube top.

Yes, I said bedazzled tube top.

Apparently that is the “in” outfit now for little league baseball. Who knew? I missed the memo.

At a baseball tournament this past weekend, I saw plenty of bedazzled tube tops that were personalized to each son’s team. Apparently there is a discount if you buy them in bulk.

Maybe I’m jealous of the lack of tan line, or the fact that you have something to hold this tube top up, which I, unfortunately, lack. Maybe I’m jealous of the fact that it’s bedazzled, and it’s bringing up deep-rooted issues from my childhood in the 80s where everyone had something bedazzled but me.

Or maybe I’m just a catty bitch that shouldn’t be so worried about what everyone else is wearing.




2 responses to “What Not to Wear

  1. I’d judge the hell outta that mess

  2. Having taste and a modesty meter is not being catty. Had you gone up to them and made snarky comments (or worse, passive-aggressive comments – “that’s a great top; did you make it yourself?”), then yes, that would have been catty.

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