Best Frenemies Forever.

let-take-down-notch-friendship-ecard-someecardsFriend or frenemy?  Seems like it would be easy to tell the difference between someone who loves you and someone who is waiting for you to fall on your face – or worse holding their leg out to help you fall on your face.  But I think at some point we have all been fooled.

I have been lucky in my life to have met my perfectly imperfect group of true friends relatively early in life.  I am even luckier that they have stuck around for the last (almost) 15 years.  I think my experience with these real friendships makes it harder for me to be fooled by the likes of the frenemy.  So I have composed some helpful tips (in the style of Jeff Foxworthy) on how to spot a frenemy in the wild.

If she ditches you at a bar for a hookup or if she encourages you to leave with a sketchy dude who drives a van…she is a frenemy.

If she allows you to leave the house under any of the following conditions: an orange bottle tan, a pink sweat suit, dandruff, leggings as pants…she is a frenemy.

If she posts and tags you in up-angle or otherwise embarrassing photos on Facebook…she is a frenemy.

If she only wants to hang out when she has nothing better to do…she is a frenemy.

If she flirts with your significant other, spouse, father, mother etc. …she is a frenemy.

If she tells your crush any story about you involving the words “stomach virus”…she is a frenemy.

If she knows you are terrified of being on stage and she secretly signs you up for karaoke…she is a frenemy.

If she uses that insecurity about being on stage as a way to shame you into feeling like you are ruining her night…she is a frenemy.

If you confront her about her bad behavior and she takes no responsibility for that behavior and instead blames it on you…she is most definitely a frenemy.

So be on the lookout ladies because frenemies pop up just about everywhere.  What are your experiences with frenemies?  Let us hear from you!


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