Am I Being Catty? I don’t think so…

A Foodie with High Expectations:  That’s me!

I love to eat.  And no, this isn’t exactly a blog post about food.  It’s about the fact that today, I am a disgruntled foodie.  I am in love with food.  When I have a food experience to die for, I will repeat it.  I am willing to bet I am not alone in this. But maybe I set my expectations too high.

Last night I embarked on my third experience with one of my favorite foodie excursions, an event designed to introduce you to four fabulous restaurants in a single neighborhood in 3 hours, but you don’t know where you are going until you arrive.  You walk place to place, the staff at each location caters to your every need for about 40 fast-and-furious minutes, and the chefs actually come out and explain the dishes they have created for you.  There are social media contests for best food photo, best group photo, best Twitter recap, etc.

My first experience was a birthday outing for my girlfriend.  It was phenominal.  I took photos and tweeted until my phone died. I was hooked.  And I told my friends.  The secound outing was even better.  I brought along several friends, the food was amazing, and the weather was perfect.  Dessert was topped with candied bacon.  Yes, I said bacon.  Serious foodie heaven.

Fast forward to last night.  I was so excited!  The first stop really delivered, but then…  A food truck line 45 sweaty people long, a college bar with greasy food served on paper plates, and no seating at either location.  Frowns and grumbling replaced the smiles and laughter from past events.  I apologized to my friends, angry and embarassed that I had invited them.  At the final stop, event coordinators handed out surveys…

I unleashed my rage like a sadistic waxer performing a Brazillian on their arch nemesis.  I told the organizer she came across as boring, unorganized, and unengaged.  I even ranted about the inadequacy of her survey itself.  I was furious that they wanted me to evaluate the overall food quality with a single number.  Our 4 stops weren’t even on the same playing field with each other.  I stated that everything seemed to be completely unplanned (save our redeeming first stop), and I harped on the complete removal of social media from the event.  I even went so far as to say I would be very unlikely to attend another event and equally inclined to recommend one to a friend.

I don’t think I was being a catty bitch.  I don’t regret my evaluation.  I actually included my name and email address.  I feel completely justified, and I encouraged my friends to speak their minds as well.  I could’ve gone further and told the organizer I hated the way her ass dimpled in those leggings and that I haven’t seen a perm that bad since since the fifth grade, but I left it with the food details since my friends were watching.

What a let down.  Those tickets aren’t cheap.  And I didn’t even enjoy the night enough to take photos of us having fun — because we weren’t.  They say Southern Belles don’t sweat, they glisten, but we all looked like frazzled, drowned field rats and who wants to share that on Facebook?!  I did manage to get one shot of the food.  I made it look really good if I do say so myself.  They should thank me and give me free tickets to the next event just for posting that on their Facebook wall.


Do you think I over-reacted?  What would you have done?

Rebecca, aka ‘zenkitty2’


4 responses to “Am I Being Catty? I don’t think so…

  1. I think you were perfectly justified and not catty at all. The prices for these kind of things are fairly high, and you are reasonable in expecting an excellent experience like your first two. I would have been horrified to be stuck sweating and waiting, not to mention that after I get hot like that, I lose my appetite and can’t eat in any case. Definitely not an overreaction in my opinion.

  2. They asked, you answered…that’s the way I see it. Your adjectives, adverbs metaphors, and similies are priceless!

    Aimee (or to zenkitty “B”)

  3. Danita and ‘B’ — thanks for the validation! It was such a frustrating night. And I’m refusing to feel guilty about unloading on the woman – I’m telling myself it was tough love.

  4. I have to give an update. The friends that I took with me were apparently going to be helping promote the next event in our downtown area, which was going to be for charity. After they gave fairly negative feedback as well, the event coordinator emailed to apologize and give them a discount code to any upcoming event. I have yet to hear from the event coordinator myself. Except for her snatch and grab Facebook re-post of my photo above citing the wrong person for photo credit!

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