Because I need to keep my job

You may love your job and your coworkers may be the salt of the earth, but despite that at some point you’ll likely want to throttle their idiotic little necks. I know, because I’m right there with ya, baby.

Ok, ok, I can admit that sometimes it’s my own stress level at the moment that takes whatever…shall we generously say, naive?…questions/comments my coworkers make and pushes me from zero to MegaBitch inside of 0.02 seconds. Well, inside my head, that is.

However, since I am not a horrible person and because I need to keep my job, I keep Cruella De Vil in a muzzle as much as I possibly can and try to keep that civil and helpful tone on the outside. I can admit that I don’t always fully succeed in not being short with them.

So when one of them says that she doesn’t know about this thing that we work with on a weekly — if not daily — basis — I want to scream, “How the hell do you not know this? You have worked here for over 5 years! We deal with this everyday! Really? REALLY??”

However, because I need to keep my job, I take a breath and explain it.

When one of them talks in a circle for 10 minutes during a meeting, I sit and endure it while trying to discern a point. Because I need to keep my job, I never ask, “If I were to squeeze your head like a pimple, would anything come out?”

I don’t care if people talk. If the noise bothers me, I can just turn up my earphones. I can do that even when I’m doing your work because you’ve been assigned a project and you’ve been sitting there yapping for over an hour (which means I’ll have to do your work even longer). Because I need to keep my job, I don’t hurl things at your head. I don’t remind you that it’s extremely inconsiderate and that I’m already drowning in the piles on my desk, and hey, thanks for adding yours! Making sure you do your work is above my pay grade and I’m not a tattle tale.

We don’t all have the same strengths or skill sets. Some of my coworkers are great with customers on the phone (though I hear them give incorrect information), while I’m okay on the phone and great with details. I can lack patience, and that is what I constantly struggle to improve upon. Because I need to keep my job, I’ll leave it to the boss to tell them how to improve. Though my resentment continues to fester, I’ll simply continue to hide it.




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