Your Shoes Are Uncomfortable

I would walk a mile in your shoes, but they kind of cramp my style and actually my feet, too.  It’s actually highly inconvenient.    I would love to see your life experiences through your eyes, but it’s really bothersome to my agenda of ME.   These may seem like harsh or judgmental statements, but it is sadly the truth. Many of us fail to take the time to really understand the other person’s perspective.


Walk in her shoes before you laugh. Okay, maybe not!

There are so many things that encompass you and who YOU are.  Your intelligence, your maturity, and your wisdom.  You can be mature and intelligent and still be blind to the world because you don’t have the experiences to give you wisdom.  Or mature and wise, but lacking intelligence to make educated decisions.  And some are even intelligent and wise, but don’t have the maturity to not be swallowed whole by a situation and letting it’s impact on you become the end all be all.

I have been exposed to people who confidently classify themselves in boxes that are not mainstream:  Socially Liberal yet Fiscally Conservative, Feminist SAHMs, Gay Christians, Gay Conservatives, Gay Gunowners (wha?), Conservative Atheists (another wha?), Christian Pro-Choicers, . . .  I could go on and on.  Some of you may not be shocked these people exist, but I know for a fact many of you are.  My point is there are many things that shape who we are and contribute to our forming opinions of others.  There are many things that influence how we view situations and solutions.

Emotional maturity. . . Reading others. . .Intuition. . .

A wise lady once said to me after having been harshly judged on her political views, “You know, I believe our life experiences add up to make us who we are.  Not a single other person has experienced life the way I have experienced mine.  To judge me on my beliefs be it political, religious, or whatever is really ignorant and unjustified.”    I say, “Amen, wise lady.  Amen.”


– Shelly
#quitbeingsojudgmental #walkamileineveryonesshoes #stopbeingaturd #amibeingcatty


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