Your Halloween Party-Girl Friend

Halloween. The one time of year you can masquerade around town as someone else. Maybe even pretend to be someone glamorous, beautiful, famous for a day (or weekend). You can show everyone your secret side: sexy, mysterious, clever, secret history buff, closet Star Wars nerd… You get the idea.

Then, you have that one friend who goes bat-shit crazy on Halloween. The one that takes it about five Ravenclaw shots too far. The friend that you went to the party with and are now stuck babysitting because she is falling-down, throwing-up, passing-out drunk.


That is never really the plan, but all inhibitions are cast aside, and rather than the happy ending from Romeo and Juliet’s masquerade ball…


…you end up cleaning up something more like a scene from Carrie.


And guess what? It’s not cute. It’s not sexy or mysterious. It’s definitely not attractive. And it’s not fair to you – the more sober one – to have to take care of a grown woman who should know her limits. So if you have a friend like this, or know someone that does, please share this reminder: Don’t end up face planting in your clever-but-skimpy costume this year because you hit the sauce too hard.


Pace yourself. Enjoy the entire party -Ravenclaw shots and all- with your friends who are only slightly tipsy. And try to remember that if you go too far, the party photos will end up on Facebook and everyone will see you passed out and drooling on yourself in the corner.


That one cracks me up every time…

Don’t be that girl,




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