You Really CAN Catch More Flies with Honey

Our mamas like to tell us things like, “You can catch more flies with honey,” or (my mother’s personal favorite) “Just kill them with kindness,” but putting that into practice is extremely challenging when you really just want to choke the life out of your current adversary.  I must not have been doing it right, because I tried to kill them with kindness but they always managed to live.  Not only that, but they continued to treat me like crap or not do whatever I needed them to, which was not my desired result.  Then again, giving them a taste of their own medicine didn’t always work, either — and it left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

We could all probably learn a thing or two about how to get what we want without snide remarks or underhanded tactics from a collection agency — oh yes, I said collection agency — in Oklahoma that has turned catching flies with honey into a business philosophy.  Instead of harassing people with multiple phone calls every day and threatening language, they help people get out of debt by providing free services, including resume writing and help finding a job!  Watch the CBS News story:

Why do they do it?  Because they figure if they help you out, you’ll be better able to pay them what you owe.  They’re getting great results with this strategy.  So the next time you’re having trouble getting results from a co-worker or family member, help them help you.  Think about what you can do you for them that will in turn enable them to do whatever you needed in the first place.  You’ll both feel a lot better about the experience and they’ll be better equipped to do that task for you again in the future!



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