Country Cat Fight

A wonderful friend introduced me to the music of Kacey Musgraves over the weekend.  I was intrigued and delighted by her quirky and endearing lyrics so when I returned home I eagerly googled the singer.  But instead of articles about her songwriting I found several articles about her “sore loser face” which she displayed at the Country Music Awards held on November 6, 2013.

Here is the video evidence:

Personally I think that if I won an award I would want the camera solely on my well-crafted and perfectly practiced acceptance speech.  But the producers of these award shows seem to favor scanning the crowd for the losers to see if any of them are giving the winner the stank eye.


I tend to perceive Kacey’s face here as bored, maybe with a touch of sadness but the overall impression is that she is not happy that her fellow nominee’s win.


Bloggers and news magazines have already predicted a country catfight.  Seems legit right?  A camera catches your moment of bitchy resting face and suddenly they are declaring war.


I can’t say I blame Kacey for her display of what appears to be disappointment.  After all I would be disappointed if I didn’t win an award.  It is entirely possible that Kacey had no ill intention and the camera caught her at an unfortunate time.  However, we would like to suggest Kacey practice her happy eyes and keep it classy when on national television.  Why? Because we don’t always win and sometimes we lose to folks we don’t like.  It’s a part of life, resist the urge to let your own disappointment outshine someone else’s victory.  Be the bigger person.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you should play nice even if you didn’t want to?  Let us hear from you ladies!


AIBC Team Member (and Miranda AND Kacey fan)


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