I’m not Martha Stewart, so why am I judging?

I recently visited a long-time friend for an extended weekend. I’ve known “Diane” and her family for over 20 years, so despite that they’ve moved to another state, I know what to expect when I enter their home.

I’ve never been a person who judged the cleanliness or decor of someone’s home. Unless it was really nasty, I probably didn’t really pay much attention to the fact that the place was cluttered, messy, or hadn’t been cleaned in a while.

This time, however, things were different.

I not only took a passing notice of the hair on the bathroom floor, I SAW it. I saw it, it registered in my brain as messy, and it bugged me. I SAW that parts of the bathroom hadn’t been cleaned in a while. I SAW that the living room and other parts of the house were cluttered. Some part of my brain that had never before been active took real notice of these things and was a little bugged by them (though not to the point of being totally disgusted). I found myself thinking a couple of times, ” Why didn’t they clean? Don’t they care that company was coming?!” I was thinking the same types of things I’d always hoped people weren’t thinking about MY home.

Talk about hypocritical…I don’t have a junk drawer, I have a junk AREA that houses all those things that well…just don’t have a home. I have haphazard decorations and any color scheme is purely accidental. And while I have been making a concerted effort this year to keep a cleaner house, there’s room for improvement. The only thing I can figure is that because *I* am trying to clean more, subconsciously I think that means everyone should. But why should it bother me? Their place didn’t look anywhere close to anything off of “Hoarders,” the were no bugs (ok, I saw 2 — but who doesn’t have them in their house?), and I was in no danger of food poisoning.

After all, isn’t there something to be said about people being so comfortable with you that they don’t feel the need to cover up their messiness? “Hey, we love you and we know you love us, too — just the way we are.”

Diane, I’m sorry. I never said anything, of course, but I still feel bad about even thinking it. To anyone who may potentially come to my home, give a girl a break already! Martha Stewart hasn’t visited lately (or, y’know…ever), so you’re just gonna have to the semi-orderly chaos that is my home.

20130921-152737.jpg From zazzle.com



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