Jennifer Lawrence slams the Fashion Police

There is no denying my love for Jennifer Lawrence. I think she is humble and self-deprecating and has the perfect amount of geeky-realness that all of us women can relate to.

I mean, who hasn’t fallen up the stairs on the way to get a huge award … and taken a shot of liquor because you’re a little nervous.

I love her even with this crazy “What About Mary?” haircut she has going on.

Who knew, but Mary had it going on... what a trend setter.

Who knew, but Mary had it going on… what a trend setter.

I love her even more that she called out Joan Rivers for her catty Red Carpet show. I mean, how many times have we made fun of celebrities for wearing something that isn’t “classic” or perfect for their body type or just plain too “out there” for us to get?

OK, this was an unfortunate wardrobe decision for Miley. That or I'm just too old  to understand fashion...

OK, this was an unfortunate wardrobe decision for Miley. That or I’m just too old to understand certain fashion…

In a recent interview, Jennifer responded to a Yahoo! townhall-style question about how she feels about  “those who judge others based on appearances.”

“Well, screw those people… there are shows like the ‘Fashion Police‘ and things like that, are just showing generations of young people to judge people based on things that, you know… they put values on all the things that are wrong and that it’s OK to just point at people and call them ugly and call them fat, and they call it fun.”

It took Joan a few days to address the comments … on Twitter, course.

Joan Rivers twitter

And then she moved on to other celebrity issues, like how her dog is adjusting to the move to New York.

I can’t blame Joan Rivers, right? I mean she’s made her living by being catty. We, as plebes, love to see celebrities make fashion mistakes because we think “Yes, they have bad days, too, just like when I dropped off little Chloe at school wearing hubby’s sweatshirt and my slippers and no make up and wet hair …”

But you can’t discount what Jennifer said. And yes, when you have money and a job that depends on your appearance, you do pay for a fit body, great hair and makeup, and yes, even a Red Carpet-worthy wardrobe, so said the “fashion icon.”

“I really would not call myself a fashion icon,” Jennifer told Marc Malkin on E! Online. “I would call myself somebody who gets dressed by professionals. [It’s like], ‘Dance, monkey, dance’ right on the red carpet.’ I would call me more of a monkey.” 

Now, what’s crazy is how much press this little back and forth of barbs has received, but this comment from Joan Rivers has received no publicity:

“This outfit is so young and fresh and sexy. It just screams, ‘date rape.'”

Um no. Where’s “Jezebel” when you need her…


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