The Do’s and Dont’s of December Birthdays

As a long time member of the “Holiday Birthday Club,” I thought I would share my list of what-not-to-do when trying to show those December babies that you care.  Think of this as sort of my Christmas gift to you.

First off, DO get a birthday gift for those friends or family members who will be celebrating a birthday close to Christmas if that is what you would do for birthdays that fall any other time of the year. This is especially important if their special day actually falls on the 24th or 25th. Assuming that the receiver will get plenty of presents, or even combining birthday/Hanukkah/Christmas gifts together is something you DO NOT ever want to do.  No ornaments, Christmas sweatshirts, or snow globes allowed, especially when the gift receiver is a child. Kids keep score, and they will always remember that one time you cut corners for their special day.


Wine glasses = good. Opt for a whole set of non-decorated ones in addition to the fun one for the guest of honor to drink from during the party.

The next step in celebrating those holiday-time birthdays is to always wrap their Birthday gifts! But DO NOT use Christmas paper to do so.  It’s lazy, a shortcut, and it may seem trivial to you, but makes the birthday seem “less than” to the birthday boy or girl.  And again, when children are involved, other kids at the party will likely get upset that they aren’t getting Christmas presents too.


And while we are talking about gifts, DO feel free to display gifts before (or during) a birthday party, but DO NOT EVER place them under the Christmas tree. No. No. No. This is not okay.


There are also birthday cards to consider. If you would normally send cards for a friend or family member’s birthday, absolutely DO send a card to those celebrating December birthdays. Just DO NOT send this card inside of the Christmas card you were also planning to send. And DO NOT choose a birthday card with a Christmas scene on it.


Finally, there are birthday cakes to think about. Everyone loves cake, so when in doubt you DO want to have cake at a birthday party during the holidays.  Just make absolutely sure you stress to the cake-baker that you DO NOT want a single tree or holly berry anywhere near the cake itself.  It is a sugary birthday abomination.


When in doubt, just treat a holiday birthday like anyone else’s birthday.  It’s not fair to let the hoilday overshadow the birthday celebration.  Recognize the individual.  Make great memories.  That’s really all anyone can ask for.

Happy Birthday first – happy all-the-other-holidays second.



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