The NFL gets catty: Manning vs. Brady

Has the world of NFL football gone catty?


It’s not surprising that today’s AFC Championship game will find two of the most accomplished quarterbacks in the NFL going head to head for the 15th time – the third time in the AFC Championship game – as the Denver Broncos take on the New England Patriots.

While both men show professionalism on the field and share a genuine respect for the sport, their teams, their fellow team mates, members of the league and each other, many fans and reporters are left wanting more in this historic rivalry.


In a recent poll taken by the Public Policy Polling fans were asked to state which NFL quarterbacks were their favorite and least favorite. Tom Brady made both lists. Brady tied for second favorite QB in the league behind Peyton Manning, but he also finished first on the least favorite list.


Peyton earned the lowest percentage of votes in the “least liked” quarterback category of the same poll. Notice what the Boston CBS affiliate focused on in their coverage of the poll? Drama. Are they being catty?

Both Manning and Brady have broken a record or two in their NFL careers. While Peyton holds a record four NFL MVP awards and has superior career passing and touchdown records, Brady has won more post season games and holds three Super Bowl titles to Manning’s one.  Not a single person could deny that their talent is superior to most and that both quarterbacks have true passion for the game, have perfected their craft, and have a work ethic to prove it.

But perhaps, the loathing or jealousy runs amuck when you compare the two off the field and in their personal lives. Manning is known to be very private, protecting his wife and twins from the spotlight. Manning who lends himself to goofy commercials that show his comedic nature could be said to be an “Average Joe” or “Everyman’s Man.” He’s polite and charitable and comes from a family bestowed in deep Southern roots and values.

Brady, on the other hand, is married to the highest paid supermodel in the world, Gisele Bundchen. (In fact, her paycheck makes Tom’s look miniscule.) Brady’s chiseled looks are plastered on the covers of GQ magazine and advertisements such as Movado, Smartwater and Uggs Boots, leaving him looking like an elitist snob.  After all, he is married to an outspoken supermodel whose body bounced back after two pregnancies before she arose from the delivery table. (As a woman, what’s not to hate about that?)  But Tom is a happy guy; he loves his life.  Why shouldn’t he?

Do you think that there’s a possibility that people love to hate based on a perception of perfection?

We we want to know who you dislike more? Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, or maybe Gisele Bundchen? I know who I would pick.

Wait, am I being catty?!

– AIBC Team Member, Krissi


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