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Blood On Your Hands?

  • You know, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered, in the history of the internet, a human being more stupid than you.  
  • I’m not sure why your mother didn’t originally abort you, much less why she hasn’t killed you yet.  I guess she’s just a coward like her daughter.  
  • why don’t you just do the world a favor and drink some bleach?
  • Everyone would be better off if you died.  Did you really think you’d be missed?  lol
  • I mean, look at you.  You can’t think you’re attractive.  Your skin is disgusting and that grill looks like something out of a horror movie.  
  • Maybe one day your boobs will catch up with your ass, but I doubt it.
  • What?  Are you going to cry?  Fag.
  • You’re nothing more than a trashcan.
  • Your eyebrows are so thick it makes me puke.
  • Just STOP making ugly selfies!  They hurt my eyes.
  • It’s so annoying how you think you’re hot.
  • You don’t even deserve to be noticed as a human being.
  • FUKK u
  • You’re SO annoying!
  • bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • I hate you so much!  OMG!
  • Just shut up, you attention seeking whore!



Not one word written above  in BOLD  or below in italics is fictional.  All were copied and pasted from various accounts on a website where cyberbullying is prevalent.  (Note:  the bully and the suicide were not connected, but separate conversations on separate accounts.)

If you read my January blog, ‘How I Became The World’s Oldest One Direction Fan‘, you’re aware that this is an issue close to my heart.  As the mother of teen girls, I’ve learned in a very real and frightening way that this is not an imagined issue.

If you are a parent, allow me to encourage you today — RIGHT NOW — to find out what sites your kids frequent and JOIN IT.  Being dilligent sometimes requires an effort, but never has that effort been more worth it.

And, if you have ever taken your rage out on a faceless entity on the web, know that you may not have been the only one.  And, while you were potentially only blowing off steam, the other person — the REAL person on the receiving end may not know that, and may be inundated with messages just like the kind you wrote.


  • alone crying at home and taking pills, then drinking alcohol to join my best friend in the paradise…I’m almost at 12 pills. Love you Amelie. Love you everybody
  • There’s 2 pills left.. Even if I stop, I’m sure to die. I have taken 35 pills. Even without alcohol, I’ll be gone in few minutes, or hours whatever.
  • I feel it. I start to can’t move. The vodka is next to me. I just have to drink and sleep. Nothing more..
  • I’m alone. My parents left me. I got bullied. My best friend died. Some people kill themself for less than that…
  • I’m drinking.. I’m starting to drink. I’m sorry, but this isn’t a life, even the hell is better. Now I will stop writing, even without alcohol I can feel the death close to me.
  • you have no idea how much i hope it will work and nobody will found me to save me
  • i’m so close to the death.. i start to be cold and it becomes hard to write, my hands are leaving me slowly, and i’m falling in bed slowly too, i start to lose the control of my body and to see a light.. i let a letter on the table, when the neighbours will call the police (when they’ll start to smell a strange thing or don’t hear any noises ), this letter will go to my father. im about to die, and i’ve never been so happy to say goodbye.


The next time you decide to blow off some steam by taking your anger out on the computer, imagine your younger sister on the other end– taking what you have to say very seriously.

  • “I hate you.  Drink some bleach.  Your parents should just kill you.  You’re so ugly. All you do is take up space.  No one would miss you if you were gone. Are you still breathing?  Pity.”


Is there blood on your hands?


  • goodbye is my last word.





  1. if you or someone you know is contemplating (or who you suspect/shows signs of) suicide call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at:  1-800-273-8255 or go to www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org
  2. Social media and teens are a dangerous mix.  Educate yourself for the betterment of your child.