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Nice RACK! My Family’s Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

The search began shortly after the 2014 ginormous toy catalog hit our mailbox. After several successive days of hearing my two angels fight each other over who could drool on the ads and randomly being stalked into the bathroom about another dozen toys they had to have, I’d had enough.

The “me, me, me” of the Christmas season was already too much. There had to be a way to redirect our family’s attention to the real spirit of giving that is supposed to be the heart of the holiday.


So I hit Pinterest and Google, of course. My search ended with me elbow deep in glitter and glue, hoping to un-spoil the moment (and my progeny) with a special advent calendar. I filled each of the 25 envelopes with one Random Act of Christmas Kindness to help us think of others at least once a day until Santa shows.

As I wrote down each selfless act, I started thinking of how much I take the little things for granted in my life— not much differently than my toy-obsessed kids. How many of my catty moments are fueled by me not thinking of the other person’s motivations and feelings? How many start with me getting so caught up in the pitfalls of daily life that I forget how blessed I really am?

The project became motivation to make my grown woman version of the calendar, complete with a nice RAACK.

courtesy of shirtmandude.com

courtesy of shirtmandude.com

No, no. That’s Random Acts of Anti-Catty Kindness, ladies… Keep those eyes right here.

The AIBC team will post one new RAACK of the Day on our site at Nice RAACK: The List that Keeps on Giving  from now until Christmas to help us all be a little less naughty and a bit nicer.

Maybe we can escape the season without all those switches and lumps of coal after all this year .

Happy claw-free holidays!