Catty Levels

To label all women catty bitches would be a disservice to our gender.   Many of us are varying degrees or combinations of different levels.  We are individuals, and while some of us are sweet, and saving that sass for a special occasion, there are those among us who are simply catty bitches.

1. Lap Kitty – You are a no-drama mama who always says the right things and your friends think you’re purrrrfect. Your only moments of cattiness happen secretly within the confines of your own mind and are often insanely witty.

2. Pussy cat – You can be awfully catty at times, but cower behind your whiskers by never saying it to someone’s face.  Sometimes it’s OK to let the fur fly, girlfriend, but beware of the back-stabbing cattiness that comes with gossip. It usually comes back to nip you in the tail.

3. Claws Out – You are slightly defensive and potentially driven by insecurities. You most often are aware of your cattiness after the fact and suffer from bad cattitude remorse.

4. Borderline Feral – You are aware of your cattiness and kind of accept it as who you are. You brush off the mean comments you say because you’re aware that people need to hear the truth. Maybe it’s time to add some sugar to the sassiness.

5. Catty Bitch – You are not only aware of your cattiness, but you are intentionally catty. Your claws are always out and people don’t want your unlucky self crossing their paths. You may wonder why you don’t have many girlfriends, but then again you may be the leader of the pack of your own “Mean Girls.”


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