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Fear and Self-Loathing in Hollywood

It was not that long ago that AIBC commented on the prevalence of internet fat-shaming of Hollywood stars and their response to the negative remarks. Now it looks like we need to call out those stars for a minute.

This week, Gwen Stefani has taken a lot of heat for the pic she tweeted of herself getting an autograph from Sting in 1983 thanks to her own comments about her “chunky” figure in the frame.

. steffani pic

Here’s the full Yahoo Shine article on the aftermath and other celebs who’ve dissed themselves online. The problem? Only an anorexic person would call the girl in that photo fat. Average? Yeah. Chunky? Not so much. Pleated khakis aren’t flattering to anyone.

While it is endearing to realize that even seemingly perfect people can empathize with body image issues, Stefani’s public display of self-depreciation has us wondering what kind of message this sends to young ladies just coming into their own about their bodies.

Hint, hint: Barbie is a myth. You’re beautiful as is.


Why I am not afraid to “Hide”

People can be self-centered, self-serving, hurtful, catty, and mean. And often they disguise it with religion, politics, or cultural beliefs. Personally, I think that no matter what your beliefs – the golden rule is never a bad one to live by.

Treat people the way that you would want to be treated. Consider how your words and actions could affect someone other than yourself. When you choose not to, and you widely publicize your closed-minded propaganda to the masses (friends, family, perhaps your children and their friends) I can’t help but want to call you on it, throw a bitchy comment your way, or perhaps even point you back to the old WWJD moniker.

But I try not to do that. I try to remember that I would just be stooping to a level that is beneath me. I try to treat others the way that I would want to be treated. Instead of allowing their words or posts to hurt or anger me, I hide them from my Facebook feed.

I'll Just Hide You

I’ll Just Hide You

The world would be a much kinder and gentler place if we all practiced this new social media golden rule. “When people make comments born of ignorance, hatred, bigotry, small-mindeness, jealousy, or self-righteous judgement – save yourself angst and energy – just click HIDE.”

The more you put this new mantra into practice, the more your life (or at least your Facebook feed) will be filled with positivity, cat videos, and shares from your favorite brand names and bloggers. All the bigotry, hate, racism, and discrimination creeping into your feed from those you still want to call friends (and maybe a few family members) will lessen.

Give it a try. Hide those folks who can’t seem to stop spreading hate and intolerance with their “free speech.” And perhaps when Hillary runs for President in 2016 and it becomes crystal clear that half the men, and possibly a few women, you know on Facebook are against a female POTUS, you won’t feel the need to leave Facebook entirely.


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