Reader Submissions

Reader Submission:  Holiday Road to Nowhere – August 29, 2013                      Chaney’s sister-in-law refuses to embark on a Griswold-style family road trip.  It may involve the lack of a trickster.

Reader Submission: My Business Card Kicks Your Card’s A$$ – August 28, 2013  Amelia’s catty reaction to losing out on a promotion leaves the Catty Team wondering if karma actually exists.

Reader Submission: A Family Quarrel and Lost Pie – August 23, 2013         Danielle’s sister-in-law gets her just desserts when she throws Danielle’s pie in the garbage over dishes.

Reader Submission: When In Doubt, Chlamydia. – August 16, 2013                           When Roxanne applies for a promotion in another department, she finds out a co-worker is trying to sabotage her chances.

READER SUBMISSION:  Hide yo kids!  Hide yo wife!  – August 9, 2013         Kay’s long-time friendship is in jeopardy after her friend’s home-based business turns out to be nothing but a big lie.

READER SUBMISSION: Excommunicated by a Miscommunication?– July 31, 2013  The Team helps Allison deal with an awkward work situation while taking a look at herself.   

It’s Her Party — she can cry if she wants to – July 22, 2013                                    Elle is slighted on her work anniversary.  Is she too sensitive, or justified?

Reader Submission – Torn Between Two Mothers – July 19, 2013
Kara helps a bride-to-be manage the difficult situation of incorporating a step-mother  into her life while her real mother struggles with feeling left out.

READER SUBMISSION: Elizabeth and the Drama Queen – July 16, 2013
Rebecca and Ashley are going to tag team to help one of our teen readers manage a true high school mean girl.

Reader Submission — A Catty Email – July 12, 2013
Ramona gets a pointed email.  Who was in the wrong?


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