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The Best/Worst Catty Moments of 2013

This year has seen its share of cattiness in the world  from the entertainment industry to the United States government  and everything in between. Together with the help of the AIBC team, I have put together a list of some of the most publicized catty moments of 2013.

12. Amanda Bynes  vs. everyone in Hollywood – After making drastic changes to her appearance, several arrests for DUI and marijuana possession, and acting peculiar in public, the former child star took to twitter to make insults. She took aim at the likes of stars such as Miley Cyrus, Cher, Drake, RuPaul, Perez Hilton, Lance Bass, Jenny McCarthy, Rihanna, Chrissy Thiegen, Courtney Love and Jay-Z…. even the President and first lady could not be spared. And what was her favorite insult? I guess when you are grasping for an insult, the proverbial, “You’re ugly” will work in a pinch! Hmmm? I guess people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?

11. Emmy Rossum mocks Gisele Bundchen breastfeeding– Even if you are a huge advocate for breastfeeding….this is well, just funny! The outspoken supermodel, Budchen,  has made some judgmental comments regarding breastfeeding and even taken to posting pics of her multitasking….and it led to an opportunity for a witty mockery of sorts by actress Emmy Rossum. If you can’t beat ’em, join em?

10. Reese Witherspoon takes on the law– She fought the law and the law won! Hollywood’s sweetheart showed her tail after having one too many with her husband and being stopped by state troopers in Georgia. As her husband was being administered a field sobriety test, Ms. Witherspoon turned a bit belligerent and challenged the GA state trooper. After several warnings, she was issued a disorderly conduct citation, but not before she  informed him “…You’re about to find out who I am.” I am quite certain he neither cared who she was then and is even far less impressed now! Lesson #1: Even her best June Carter Cash rendition couldn’t have saved her from her own arrogance. Lesson #2: Don’t fight the law unless you ARE the law!

9. Paula Deen vs. Oprah – After being accused of racial slurs and admitting in a court deposition to using them in the past, Ms. Deen saw her once booming food empire crumbling before her eyes by losing her Food Network show and endorsement deals. While Oprah and Deen have been friends for years and have even spent the night at each other’s homes, Oprah responded when asked in an interview about Deen, “Oh my God! I don’t have anything to do with Paula Deen. She is not the first white lady to use the N-word! Good Lord!” Even Oprah can’t help you now, Sugar! You need to stick to talking about “Buttah!”

8. Kanye West feuds with Jimmy Kimmel– After Kimmel ran a video spoof of West’s bizarre BBC interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, West blasted Kimmel in a series of twitter rants that cussed Kimmel saying among other things that Kimmel was a “manipulative media motherf-.” In true Kimmel fashion, the funnyman was able to keep a sense of humor about it all and boasted, “Finally, I’m in a rap feud. I always wanted to be in a rap feud.”

7. Kim Kardashian takes on Katie Couric– The reality star and news anchor had a war of words and hashtags via media outlets after Couric questioned why the Kardashian family was so famous in a magazine interview. Kardashian immediately took to Instagram and Twitter with a photo of the baby gift Couric had sent her along with hashtags “#IHateFakeMediaFriends, #MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkShit.” I guess Katie learned you just don’t mess with Kimmy!!!

6. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford takes on “the rock”– I guess the Canadian government does things a little differently by the looks of videos and photos that surfaced of the Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, smoking crack cocaine.  Ford admitted to smoking the drug “about a year ago in one of my drunken stupors” after months of denying the allegations. Crack is wack, Mayor Ford. Crack is wack!

5. Duck Dynasty insult debacle– Regardless of your stance on what the patriarch of this multi-million dollar “reality show” show shared in a GQ magazine interview, the real catty behavior came into play when the executives of A&E suspended Mr. Robertson indefinitely and then took it back. Oops…what ever happened to “No Takesy Backsies?” I am still scratching my head over this entire situation , but it is no surprise that the executives at A&E decided to “sell their souls to the devil” in order to make the almighty dollar.

4. Miley Cyrus twerks on Sinead’s Nerves – The former Disney star  grinded  twerked on Robin Thicke at the VMAs…leaving everyone who viewed the fiasco wanting a cigarette and a shower. The cattiness began when Sinead O’Connor wrote an open letter to Miley warning her of her oversexualized image. Miley then slammed O’Connor via twitter by making a mockery of her previous mental illness. You can read what our very own Nyx had to say about this cat-astrophy here.

3. Edward Snowden vs the NSA– There is a rat in the spy world and his name is Edward Snowden. The former NSA employee leaked privileged spy program information that had Americans and countries all over the world going nuts over privacy concerns. Not only did Snowden swipe documents about the surveillance programs, he was clever enough to know the consequences of his actions would mean prison and thus fled the U.S. seeking exile in first Cuba, then Russia. He was granted asylum by Russia in August. Tsk. Tsk. President Putin, if you are reading this, I hope you enjoy your new spy guy!

2. Pope Francis vs. the traditional Papacy– After Pope Benedict XVI resigned, the first South American and first of the Jesuit order, Pope Francis was elected to replace him. He has struck the world as “different” with a sharp focus on the poor and being less judgmental toward gays and those who’ve had abortions. He has also been outspoken about fixing the scandal-ridden Vatican Bank, connecting to other faiths, and pushing to reform the church into a more welcoming, less rule-bound institution. It seems he will continue his efforts to be a little different than previous popes and I give him a thumbs up!

1. U.S. Government Shutdown vs. the American Public – 16 days of hell was the result of the stand-off between House Republicans and Democrats after failing to pass a bill that would fund the Federal Government. Eventually a bi-partisan agreement was made, but not before the American public saw the likes of federal employment furloughs and national parks closures. PS, U.S. Congressmen, you collectively win the catty bitch of the year award!! I give you two fingers! ( I hope you read sign language.)

Are there any noteworthy catty moments we missed? Let us hear from you.

-Krissi, AIBC Team Member

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What You to Need to Know Before Returning That Gift

I have a dilemma. A friend gave me a great pair of rain boots this Christmas. They’re beautiful. The only problem is that I already have an awesome pair of rain boots. And I don’t live in Seattle. There is really no need for me to have two pairs of rain boots.

Now, when I opened this gift up, she thought I wouldn’t like them because they’re rain boots. She offered the gift receipt and even mentioned just giving them away. Absolutely not! If anything, I’d like to return them for some other type of shoe, but do I risk offending her by asking for the receipt?

These types of situations give me anxiety attacks.

When my husband bought me a beautiful leather messenger bag several years ago, I declared it was almost perfect. I really needed a large commuter bag, so I asked if I could return it for a different style. I thought we had the type of relationship that I could return his gifts. Uhh, apparently not.  I had no idea how upset he would get! Now I know  he’s a little sensitive about me returning gifts.

Thinking on these two situations, I’ve come up with a few tips on the “when, how, why and ifs” on returning gifts. Being the day after Christmas, I thought this very appropriate.

1. If you’re thinking about returning a gift, make a decision soon. Don’t wait  three months and then decide to return it. You’ll likely need the receipt that the gifter has long thrown away. Asking at this point would be highly tacky. It also shows that you haven’t thought about the gift for quite some time, which has probably sat in a box in your guest closet gathering dust.

2. If it’s just not your cup of tea and returning the gift is not an option, refer to “Regifting Dos and Don’ts.”

3. Every gift is unique, just like every occasion and every gifter. Take these into account when deciding on whether to return a gift. I try to always leave a gift receipt in the bag and make sure that the recipient knows that it’s perfectly OK to return it. If someone purchased you a handmade scarf from Guatemala and points out that it’s a combination of your two favorite colors … and reminds that person of the time you two sat outside a book store for four hours waiting for your favorite author and shared a scarf because they were so cold and ill prepared … it’s not returnable.

beer gift

4. If it’s from a department store and could have been a gift for a coworker,  their Aunt Mary or whoever, I think it’s OK to return.

5. If it’s from Bath and Body Works, it’s OK to return.

6. If it’s an appliance, something to clean your house with, or helps you to lose weight, it’s OK to return. (If that’s your thing, though – rejoice! They know  you well!)

aria wi-fi

Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale … cool, yes, but it’s still a scale.

7. If it’s a donation to their favorite charity, you can’t return it, but you can let them know that you’ll be making a donation to your favorite charity for their birthday — be it your alma mater or a non-profit they may not be familiar with (or even one that doesn’t quite align with their social beliefs).

8. If it’s clothing and it doesn’t fit, ask the gifter if you can return it for a different size. I think they would be delighted to know that you loved their gift so much, you want it to fit perfectly.

9. If it’s clothing and it’s not quite to your taste, refer to #3. If they picked your favorite store, but you’d rather have something else, I would try to exchange it for something different. If it’s a store you’re not a huge fan of … maybe you’re more of a Coldwater Creek gal that Hot Topic, refer to #2. (Or better yet, exchange for store credit and regift the “gift card”!)


10. Always tell them thank you, no matter what the gift.

Hope this helps! Being the day after Christmas, let the exchanging and returns begin!

Don’t Be a Grinch: 12 Helpful Tips To Help you Enjoy the Holidays


Does the hustle and bustle of the holiday season make you contemplate being a Grinch? You may even be secretly wishing ill-will on all of those individuals who put a rush on the holiday festivus before the jack-o-lanterns were put away.  Like it or not the holiday season is upon us. There still may be hope for you (and me) to regain that holiday spirit, find some joy and shed those holiday blues.

Here are a few tips to help you fight the Grinch inside and enjoy the best this holiday has to offer:

  1. Believe Again– That’s right. Embrace your inner child. Close your eyes and think of the best holiday that you can imagine. Let the nostalgia set in and try to re-create that time.
  2. Smile– Smiling is my favorite! It certainly is contagious and while you may have lots of stress and to-dos,  make eye contact and smile at everyone you see…even that pesky co-worker or neighbor that you do not particularly like.
  3. Decorate a tree-It doesn’t take a lot of money to pull this one off. Even if you have to go cut down the ugliest Charlie Brown Christmas tree (preferably not from your neighbor’s yard), do so. String some popcorn, make some home-made ornaments, turn on some Christmas tunes, and rock around the Christmas tree.
  4. Visit Santa– Santa IS real to those who believe. Go put on your best tacky Christmas sweater and gather your friends and/or family members, take a seat on the jolly old elf’s lap and take advantage of a great photo op. (Be careful, you may have just found a new holiday tradition.) kids with santa
  5. Resurrect those wacky family traditions– You found them to be normal as a kid but realized as you matured that they weren’t exactly “normal.” Buy/Make your family matching holiday attire (even if your family consists of your two cats/dogs/guinea pigs), play candy land, watch your favorite holiday movie, find the hidden pickle in the tree, or hang bagels on your tree (for the half Christian/half Jewish families). Whatever your family traditions may be, pick one and enjoy the memories it brings. spending the holidays with 1d gif
  6. Indulge in some sugary goodness– Tis the season for candy canes, hot cocoa, and fresh baked cookies. You may not have the metabolism of an 8 year old any longer but do yourself a favor, let out your waistband and enjoy the sweet yumminess.  When in doubt just add sugar and syrup!!
  7. Let your voice be heard– Go carolling or crank up the holiday music on your way home from work and SING at the top of your lungs! So what if people think you are nuts if you carol by yourself or you are caught at a red light doing your best Mariah Carey impression. Just remember the words of  Buddy the Elf, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”
  8. Get outside and enjoy the elements – Make snow angels or build a snowman. If you happen to live in the South where the temps vary between 20 degrees and a smoldering 80 degrees in December, put on your Santa hat along with your swim suit and do a cannon ball into the neighbor’s pool.
  9. Enjoy some libations– Put on your best dickie turtleneck a la Cousin Eddie and kick it old school with some homemade eggnog. If you are not into eggnog, make a new holiday beverage your bitch for the night! Cheers! cousin eddie
  10. Spread Goodwill– Do good deeds for others and you will surely feel the reward of spreading joy and hopefully gain some for yourself in the process. Pass along a compliment, carry someone’s goceries to their car or buy a stranger a cup of coffee.
  11. Kidnap a Kid– Not literally, but this one is for those without children. Borrow a friend’s child for the day. Take them to see Santa, decorate cookies, make a gingerbread house, or go shop for their Mom and Dad’s presents. Just witnessing the excitement through the eyes of a child may help you set the mood for the season. (PS, this will also knock out #8)grinch
  12. Be Self-Indulgent– That’s right. You have already spread goodwill by doing a good deed for others. Now, go buy yourself a gift and open it on Christmas morning like a wild animal. Bring back an old favorite toy or those toe socks that Auntie Cassie sent you every year until you were twenty! opening gift

Try a few of these tips and let your inner-child shine this holiday season. And maybe, just maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas means a little bit more!

Happy Holidays!


Etiquette as a weapon? Tsk Tsk

When I took an etiquette class in college, I was coming from zero knowledge. Nothing broke me out into hives more than too many forks and a bowl of water on my plate.


Luckily a few well-meaning friends and that etiquette class helped me to be more confident at fancy dinners, cocktail parties and professional events. One lesson was to leave enough room on your plate to balance your glass in case you need a free hand. Let’s just say this was a practiced skill for me. It was definitely not my forte.


Another important lesson, ladies: Don’t sit like a bored man.

Another lesson I learned was if you didn’t know what to do, follow everyone else’s lead. This is also good advice at a hoe-down, a cultural event you’re not familiar with, or at Comic-Con.

And when that doesn’t work, just shrug and ask, “What do you want me to do with this hot cloth? Wipe off the honey glaze I just dipped my sleeve in?” An ignorance-claiming question along with a sly smile and Southern drawl will get you far in life.

Something else that resonated with me in class was the fact that etiquette is not meant to make one feel uncomfortable. This was definitely news to me, but I quickly learned it’s not meant to be used as a weapon of cattiness or snobbery. The purpose of having shared etiquette is not to make someone’s meal less enjoyable or make them feel inadequate. If you use etiquette this way, shame on you.

You get an F, and I will not be joining your Christmas holiday fete a la tacky sweater awkwardness.

Lesson One: The host should make their guest feel comfortable and at ease regardless.

Remember that scene in Pretty Woman? The one where they meet for a business dinner and she’s being beautiful and charming—then she looks down, sees escargot and completely does a mind blank? She attempts to follow her host’s lead and ends up almost taking someone’s eye out.

It’s only after the older man across from her makes a comment about not knowing what to do with the forks that she is put instantly at ease and they enjoy their meal – until Richard Gere states he’s about to dismantle the other guys’ family business like a suburban garage sale, but whatever.  Point made.

And when you’re hosting that fancy dinner or holiday party: Expect things to go wrong.

Things will get spilled. Things will break. Things will burn. Guests will be late. Your house will not be clean enough. Your hidden junk drawer will be discovered. Your husband will get a little too tipsy on the holiday egg nog and decide it’s too hot to wear his reindeer sweater…but not too hot to don the decorative Santa hat all night. It’s OK.

The key to remember is to enjoy each other’s company. Even if you accidently eat off the charger plate or your guest requests that her red wine be chilled, graciously smile and wish each other a merry Christmas. Besides, after the third glass of wine, the shoes come off and etiquette takes a holiday anyway.

With the utmost respect and sincerity,

Catty Liz


The Do’s and Dont’s of December Birthdays

As a long time member of the “Holiday Birthday Club,” I thought I would share my list of what-not-to-do when trying to show those December babies that you care.  Think of this as sort of my Christmas gift to you.

First off, DO get a birthday gift for those friends or family members who will be celebrating a birthday close to Christmas if that is what you would do for birthdays that fall any other time of the year. This is especially important if their special day actually falls on the 24th or 25th. Assuming that the receiver will get plenty of presents, or even combining birthday/Hanukkah/Christmas gifts together is something you DO NOT ever want to do.  No ornaments, Christmas sweatshirts, or snow globes allowed, especially when the gift receiver is a child. Kids keep score, and they will always remember that one time you cut corners for their special day.


Wine glasses = good. Opt for a whole set of non-decorated ones in addition to the fun one for the guest of honor to drink from during the party.

The next step in celebrating those holiday-time birthdays is to always wrap their Birthday gifts! But DO NOT use Christmas paper to do so.  It’s lazy, a shortcut, and it may seem trivial to you, but makes the birthday seem “less than” to the birthday boy or girl.  And again, when children are involved, other kids at the party will likely get upset that they aren’t getting Christmas presents too.


And while we are talking about gifts, DO feel free to display gifts before (or during) a birthday party, but DO NOT EVER place them under the Christmas tree. No. No. No. This is not okay.


There are also birthday cards to consider. If you would normally send cards for a friend or family member’s birthday, absolutely DO send a card to those celebrating December birthdays. Just DO NOT send this card inside of the Christmas card you were also planning to send. And DO NOT choose a birthday card with a Christmas scene on it.


Finally, there are birthday cakes to think about. Everyone loves cake, so when in doubt you DO want to have cake at a birthday party during the holidays.  Just make absolutely sure you stress to the cake-baker that you DO NOT want a single tree or holly berry anywhere near the cake itself.  It is a sugary birthday abomination.


When in doubt, just treat a holiday birthday like anyone else’s birthday.  It’s not fair to let the hoilday overshadow the birthday celebration.  Recognize the individual.  Make great memories.  That’s really all anyone can ask for.

Happy Birthday first – happy all-the-other-holidays second.


What NOT To Do At the Office Holiday Party

Employee or Plus 1:
Avoid these party faux pas at all costs!

Although you may think it is high-time you let loose and celebrate a much deserved year end party, you will want to keep in mind it is still a business function. As an employee, don’t risk your professional reputation by leaving a bad impression with one night of inadvertent blunders.  Every year these parties happen and every year there is that person (or three) that is talked about relentlessly after the event.  We feel these rules should be common sense, but sometimes sense isn’t so. . . common.

Whether you are the EMPLOYEE or the PLUS 1, keep in mind company parties are strictly business.  Even though they are intended to be social gatherings to reward employees and raise morale, your behavior is being observed every minute. Here are your top nine holiday tips on how not to become that Monday Morning Water Cooler Topic.

EMPLOYEE:  Well, hell.  Start with reading the email or paper invite to the event to determine a dress code.  Nothing there?  Well, ask a coworker.  Still no clue?  Go the safe route and wear a suit/conservative cocktail dress.  Make sure to iron that shit.  Make sure it fits well.  When you realize that you aren’t the person people are looking at like they’re crazy, then you’ll breathe a sigh of relief for taking the safe route.  Trust me.  You’d much rather be the one that slightly overdressed than the one whose navel could be seen from the cleavage dip.  But let me reiterate, check the invite.   Wearing a suit is the easiest way for coworkers to make fun of you for the next 12 months if the party is at a paintball facility.
PLUS 1:  Take cues from your spouse/bf/gf/fiancé/whoever.  Inquire about the attire.  Leave the bedazzler kit, thigh-high glitter boots, low-plunging cocktail dress and the remainder of your nightclub attire in your closet.  Less is always more when talking about accessories but never in regards to hemlines or necklines.   If the first time that boyfriend/girlfriend sees you for the night and it’s too late to change from the too tight see-through red lace spandex you’re wearing then there is a fireball’s chance in hell your relationship may fail.

Able to rock it or not, save this fashion for the bedroom, please.

EMPLOYEE:  Some people really struggle with those out of work bounds engagements.  If you’ve never participated in any Happy Hours or mid-year events, then the Holiday Party is the only time you’ve seen these people outside the confines of the office space.  You may choke up, stutter, whatever.  But you need to act normal.  Mingle with people from other departments.  Maintain the professional gloss, but drop the solemnity and work the charm.  These are the same people you deal with less awkwardly on a daily basis, so just be yourself and not some party caricature of who you think you should be at a social event.
PLUS 1:   You don’t know these people from Adam (unless you met him at last year’s party), so put on a smile and encourage your partner to relax.  Once again, go the safe route.  Laugh at jokes, chill, and have fun.  The more you act normally the more your date will start to relax around the people he/she may have to fire (or may get fired by) tomorrow.

Woooo Hooo! Partaaaaaay!

EMPLOYEE:  Do not do your elevator speech at any point during the evening.  Not over the shrimp cocktails, not on the dance floor, and certainly not in the toilets.  Your leaders have their guards down and want to enjoy this event, too.  How would you feel if you had to be on point around them the whole evening?  Just don’t do it.  It’s the bad timing to pitch your genius corporate strategies, and you’ll be noted as someone who doesn’t respect those boundaries.
PLUS 1: It is your job to support your loved one during this event.  Don’t humiliate them.  They know the company culture, so follow their lead.  Small company and boss is offering shots?  Then have a little fun.  Huge corporate event and your friend/spouse/whatever has never even laid eyes on the CEO in the flesh?  Shut your trap, be a prude, and flash that charming smile.

Trust me. They’ll resent it.

EMPLOYEE:  No, I’m not telling you that you need to lose weight; I’m simply telling you not to circle the buffet like a ravenous wild animal that’s never been fed.  If food is rolling off of your plate from the buffet, it will appear to others you have grave fears that the food won’t last long enough for you to make a second trip.  Chew with your mouth shut and pretend you have a little class, please.
PLUS 1:  Employee rules also apply to you, but also don’t shove food in your coat pockets or purse like you’re a squirrel storing up for a long winter.  Even if there are hundreds of apples and you know they’ll be thrown out after the evening just grab an apple from the grocery store later.  You don’t want to be that date that treated this holiday party as a free ride.  It is all you can eat event, not all you can fit in your purse/pockets.

Sooooo good.

EMPLOYEE:  There is nothing funnier to me than staying sober and watching a bunch of people that don’t know how to dance dance.  There is some viral video material at every single holiday affair.  Dear God.  If you really believe you can dance then pick a favorite song, crank it up, and dance your heart out while video taping it.  Now watch it.  Are you crying because it’s good or because it’s bad?  If good, then get out there and show those people how to do it.  If bad, then please stay off the dance floor.  Lastly, leave the dirty dancing for another party.  You’ll thank me for this gem, too.
PLUS 1:  Ditto Employee Rules.  Leave your “So You Think You Can Dance” audition material at home and go ahead and scratch your award winning “running man”, too.  If you can’t dance, then don’t.   If you can dance and it’s too flashy then you still look like a show-off and a moron.  The end.

Seriously. We all know how this show ended.

EMPLOYEE:  It is never easy to include your date in work conversation since they most likely know nothing about the topic or the people being discussed.  So the simple solution is just don’t do it.  Don’t make your date feel isolated while you chat with people.  More importantly, don’t ditch them to dance/talk/drink/eat with other people.  It’s a self-centered and crappy thing to do.  If you think I’m wrong then do it anyway and see what kind of mood your date is in after an hour of your being AWOL.  Finally, don’t you DARE ditch your date for another romantic interest.  Some serious loss of karma points will occur.  Mark my words.
PLUS 1:  Don’t clam up and refuse to engage people.  Even if this is outside of your comfort zone, try to be pleasant and interested in the people you meet.  If you freeze up like a tranquilized animal it will make it difficult for your date to include you.  There is an awkward silence that occurs after your third (or so) one-word response, and things will surely wane from there.  If you find yourself struggling, then ask people generic questions.  What part of the country are you from?  What brought you to ACME, Inc.?  Etc.  People love talking about themselves, and this will steer any focus off of you while filling conversation gaps.  P.S.  See helpful tip # 3 above.

On the other end of the spectrum from ditching your date, you can always cross that terrible line of PDA.  This is a show of self control.  Prove to your employer that you can be patient and that you’re smart enough to know what is appropriate behavior and when.   Let’s just go ahead and state it is a safe bet to keep tongues in mouths.   Please keep your animal urges under control until your personal after-party.  Seriously, how long do parties last?  Depending on how big of an attendance there is, you may not have to stay until the very end!
PLUS 1:  Do your date a favor and adhere to the same rules.  There is nothing more awkward than making eye contact with the big boss while batting away a horny date trying to place a tongue in your ear or not-so-sneakily grabbing at your groin.

Um… I can see why it’s so hard to control yourself.

Holy crap, this is a bad idea.  I don’t care how hot he/she is.  Thou shalt not shag/kiss/grope/flirt with the Bossarino.  It’ll spin a tangled web of misery over time or end after one night and leave you feeling regretful and stupid.  There is nothing worse than having to worry if your boss will be able to separate work and life or having to feel like you’re trapped in a relationship because it may impact your job.
PLUS 1:  If you exist in this scenario, then your date has broken AIBC’s party etiquette rule #6.  You will not be judged if you walk out on your date (with or without throwing your drink in his/her face).  P.S.  Do NOT hook up with your date’s boss.

And seriously, do you really want your boss to see your panties?

EMPLOYEE:  Yes, this is your time to let loose.  Yes, you are supposed to be able to feel safe and have fun, but the office place is a dirty, dirty world and people are looked down upon for not placing a personal cap on booze.  Plus, irresponsible drinking gets you ZERO respect.  You get behind the wheel of your car on the way home and that terrible accident or arrest record very likely won’t be the only damage you do.  Got a designated driver?  GREAT!  I love that you’re being an incredibly responsible adult.  But please know responsible drinking doesn’t get you bonus points among those who affect your aspiring career path; you’ll still be judged (like it or not this is the truth) for not having self control.  You never want to be the person who double fists, sloshes on the CEO, or has the Monday morning “I said what?” regrets.  This judgment is multiplied if you get fall down drunk, vomit, or are chatting incoherently and can exponentially increase your chances of breaking rules 6 & 7.
PLUS 1:  Although you are not restricted as strongly as an employee with career aspirations, it is your job to be a normal, likeable person for the employee’s sake.  If you can hold your booze and aren’t the DD then have a few and have fun, but please know when to stop drinking and shut up.  Ensure you and date can get home safely.

Trust me. No one will see rainbows.

And lastly, be sure to show gratitude- Thank the host and event planner/organizer upon departure. Not only is this an opportunity to exemplify good manners, it will make you stand out from the many employees and guests who do not.  So go and have fun!  ‘Tis the Season.

Much love,

Shelly (with some help from Krissi)
#dontgetschnockered #amibeingcatty #helpingthosewhoarecommonsensechallenged

The Two Gs: Grace and Gratitude

I was taught at an early age how to accept a gift graciously and with gratitude.  I was prompted to write thank you notes after each holiday and when I received a package in the mail.  I remember how tedious the act felt when I was a child, but I must admit that my parents were right to urge me to express my appreciation at an early age.  With most of our lives being lived online these days, grace and gratitude seem to be easily forgotten. OMGforme Recently I have encounted three gift receiving situations that have left me wondering if their parents didn’t raise them right:

1.  The Disappointed Child – at many a birthday party (including my own son’s past birthday parties) I have heard a child disappointedly utter, “I already have this toy” or worse, “this isn’t what I asked for.”

Suggestion:  Set aside some time with your children before a gift-giving situation and remind them to smile and say “thank you” after they open each gift.  Also tell them to check the gift tag BEFORE opening the present.  That way they’ll know just who to look out for after the wrapping paper flies. thankyou 2.  The Family That Can’t Be Bothered:  There are families that receive gifts from far away family members in the mail and never even call to let the senders know the package arrived, let alone if the gifts were enjoyed.

Suggestion: During holiday season, we can get wrapped up in the things that come “wrapped up” but when it comes time to open that box o’gifts from Grammy and Pop make sure you have the camera ready.  If writing a thank you note and throwing in some snapshots is too much to ask, throw the pictures up on your Facebook or Instagram wall and tag the gift givers.  This rule of thumb works perfectly for adults as well.  When someone sends flowers or a gift your way, snap a quick picture.  They will love the chance to see the smile on little Susie’s face when she gets the dolly she had been eyeing or the vase full of beautiful flowers that arrived safe and sound. word 3. The Inconsiderate Adults:  I have heard adults mock a present that another adult has picked out because it was annoying, unattractive, or obtrusive.

Suggestion: Just bite your tongue.  When the gift makes it your way and it has an “off” switch then without being seen, turn the switch and find a nice shelf to display the new gift on.  If the gift receiver seems a bit baffled on what to say, help them out with a helpful line like, “Jillian will look great in that sweater next fall.  Nice job, Jim.”  They will be forever in your debt.

A point I want to draw attention to is that all three of these situations often end with a crestfallen look on the gift-giver’s face.  No one should feel that way after they give you a gift.

When you unwrap that loaf of homemade fruitcake, annoying children’s toy, or the just a bit too loud sweater, remember that this is a gift.  Someone took the time to leave their house, search a store, pay with their hard earned money, wrap the gift and deliver it to you. gifts And while there are times when a gift may prompt you to think “do you even know me?”  I urge you to be thankful and gracious in your response anyway. Maybe the gift seems a bit snide, such as a cleaning supplies from your mother-in-law or a pedometer from your over zealous fitness minded friend.  Tell them how helpful their gift is, and how generous it was for them to think of you.  After all the sacrifice of someone’s time and money is well worth your gratitude.


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